We all know that the “main” equipment for bowling are the bowling ball, bag, and shoes.  But, there are so many other “accessory” type items that we stock to help you keep your gear up to par and your scores to the max!


Bowling Gloves

Many bowlers have what we call the “flippy flops” in their wrist while executing a bowling shot.  A firm and steady wrist during the release of a bowling ball helps assure proper rotation during the release resulting in better ball motion and overall pin carry.  Bowling gloves can help a bowler achieve a more consistent release since the glove will help “firm” up the wrist.  There are many styles of bowling gloves available – we invite you to stop by our stores for a free trial of the many bowling gloves we have in stock.


Bowling Ball Cleaner / Polish

Today’s bowling ball coverstocks absorb oil to help them hook on the lane.  To help keep your bowling ball clean and the ball’s reaction strong, be sure to clean it with a recommended cleaner or polish at the end of each bowling session.  There are many cleaners/polishes available on the market.  We can help you select the proper product to use on your current bowling ball(s).

We also recommend using a microfiber towel or bowling ball see-saw to wipe the ball clean of oil and dirt between shots while bowling.

For additional information on how we can help you maintain that peak ball performance, visit our Ball Maintenance page.




Shoe Covers

Have to run to the bathroom between frames?  Need to step outside between games to grab a quick smoke?  Ever come back from walking around the bowling center in your bowling shoes and stick on the approach during your next shot because your shoes got wet or you stepped in some popcorn?  The simple solution to that is to protect your shoes with shoe covers that you can wear while walking around the center keeping your shoes clean and ready for action!


Some other accessories we carry include but are not limited to:  Shoe slide powder, shoe brushes, Dexter shoe soles and heels, rosin, hand conditioner, bowlers tape, thumb and finger fitting tapes, skin protection, and much much more!