Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are the most ignored and overlooked piece of bowling equipment.  Many bowlers don’t realize the importance of a good quality and comfortable bowling shoe as they can add pins to your game!


Bowling shoes are made with a “sliding” sole that allows the bowler to slide with their sliding foot during the last step of their approach.  This sole is generally made of a leather or synthetic-type leather material.  A proper and consistent slide is very important in the execution of a good bowling shot.


The Athletic or tennis shoe style bowling shoe is made with a “sliding sole” on both shoes.  This type of shoe is an excellent choice for beginners or for bowlers who bowl once a week or less.  Examples of this type of shoe are the Brunswick Flyer and Silk.

The competitive style shoe has a “sliding sole” on one of the shoes for the sliding foot only.  The other shoe for the “push off” foot has rubber on it to assist the bowler in a strong and stable “push off” into the slide. This type of shoe is recommended for bowlers that want to improve their game with good slide/finish fundamentals and for bowlers who bowl more than once a week.  Examples of this type of shoe are the Dexter SST series of shoes.


We carry a large variety of sizes, colors, and styles of bowling shoes for men, women, and children at our stores.  We would love to help you select your next pair of bowling shoes to help you improve your game today!

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