Equipment Evaluation

Need some help building that arsenal of bowling balls to help you conquer any lane condition?  We offer on-lane consultation and analysis of your current bowling ball arsenal using our knowledge, experience, and Blueprint software.  Every bowling ball, drilling layout, and bowler is different which results in performance characteristics.  We want to make sure that you are building an arsenal with bowling balls that possess a variety of performance characteristics avoiding duplication and repetition.

Our basic equipment evaluation is offered at no charge to our customers.  If you have 6 or more bowling balls in your arsenal, please set up an appointment so we can set aside an appropriate amount of time for your analysis.

During the basic equipment evaluation we will analyze:

  • Current hand fit on each ball (link to our grip/hand fitting analysis page here)
  • Types of bowling balls in the arsenal (link to bowling ball basics page)
  • Drilling Layouts on each bowling ball (link to bowling ball layout & drilling page)

An advanced equipment evaluation is available using Blueprint software.  The advanced equipment evaluation requires an appointment and will incur a fee at $20 per half hour.